The Odd Socks

by The Odd Socks

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released January 6, 2012



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The Odd Socks Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

A folk-punk band from Dartmouth, NS. consisting of Jeff DeCoste (lead vocals, guitar), Ian Rogers (back up vocals, guitar), Nick O'Leary (Bass), and Dylan Jewers (Drums)


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Track Name: Intro
Hello and good evening we are from Dartmouth city/ and if we were there now we’d be drunk acting silly./ We’d be throwing and dodging Portland St. Chairs,/ having conversations about Jesus, like do you think he believes in us (nah). And the birds and the bees are sticking away from me/ because the bees sting (oww) and the birds have diseases(eww)./ Yeah I’m loose as a goose, no I’m loose on the goose/ cause we’re stealing from the LC so we thought that we’d drink classy/ and our voices are raspy/ and out stomachs are fatty/ cause it’s cheaper to eat deep fried food twice the calories. / So heat that oil up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit,/ we can’t count that high in Celsius ‘cause we would die of fright,/ and all this cholesterol we’re gona’ die ‘cause our veins are just too dam tight./ Now when you think of Dartmouth you think of gun shots and petty theft,/ I’ve never shot a gun but I’ve been known to rhyme and steal in the treble clef,/ and when we leave a show, we leave the audience wishing that we had already left./ We understand that this is more for us, but we hope that you enjoy this too
Track Name: Shot Me Down
I’m not interested in where you rest your head. Or the method in which you get undressed for bed and it’s not that I don’t like the way that your caress my hand, it’s just I lost my girl and I also lost my head. I know you probably don’t want to hear me talk about my past lady but now that we’re on the topic I might as well speak about she. That girl made me feel like a terrible human being; yeah I loved the way that she glared at me. My girl she shot me down, my girl she shot me down. I know that you are probably thinking that I am a dick; I have yet to even buy you a drink. But maybe if I told you how she left me alone you might change your negative tone. She left me in an open field so she could get a clean get away, she said, “I hope you’ll be alright and we can still be friends“. I said, “Girl I’ll try my best but it will be hard to be okay”. She said, “In that case I’ll Just shoot you anyway”. She shot me in the shoulder she missed my face.
Track Name: All My Friends
ll my friends think they’re so cool, smoking cigarettes outside of school. They think that I’m so lame because I don’t want to be late. All my friends think they’re so big for these Nova Scotia streets. I don’t know why, because they only fit in one room. I don’t know why I am here right now.
Track Name: Pretty boy
Pretty Boy, go to school, get a job, pay for food. Walking home, because the bus don’t wait, you realize, it was all a waste.
Track Name: In a Tree
I know that you can’t see me ‘cause I’m sitting in a tree. You’re looking at the others thinking, “They want to be me.” You’re so wrong, it’s such a sad, sad song. That you will never be the man you wish to be ‘cause your mind is set on number one you did that girl in the bum. You’re low, you are fucking slow. Well just because you’ve got a hockey stick, and a self proclaimed big dick, well buddy you might be taller than me but I’m sitting in a tree. I see
that you are kissing that cross around your neck but I’m pretty sure your good lord no he wouldn’t kiss you back. A fucked up sense of religion so you can win the hockey game, then you turn around you use your good lord’s name in vain, you’re so vain it’s such a fucking shame. Well just because you’ve got a hockey stick, and a self proclaimed big dick, well buddy you might be taller than me but I’m sitting in a tree. You’re nothing.
Track Name: Dartmouth
I’m going back to Dartmouth, I’m going back home from here. I’m going back to Dartmouth and we both know I’m gona have to walk home from here. Well my mind and don’t I know it, I’m a young, young man with nothing to show for it and don’t I wish that I were older where my boring life could be excepted as normal. Well these Halifax girls all they want to do is party, I can see too much of your body, at least for this public space why don’t you show off your pretty little face. Oh I will walk that bridge with no shame, on a Halifax street I will scream. Well the last bus leaves at eleven twenty one, please read the advertisements ‘cause you know they help them run, especially with everybody using transfers for their ride, they change the colours daily but the staff is colour blind.
Track Name: Where Ya Been
Bother we are friends, oh I’ve been in your head, I know where you’ve been. I know where you’ve been. A phobia of violence oh brother it is childish oh you were one so mean, you once like to bleed. We once loved you but you’re boring now. We were in the presence oh you, you were a menace, you were once so mean, you once liked to bleed. A phobia of violence, bother it is childish. You were once so mean, you once liked to bleed. You once owned us but your boring now.
Track Name: Carol
I know an old lady of persona of not age, she’s got bubbles in her brain, she’s got bubbles in her brain. And I’ve never heard doctor, say that his patent’s strange but he said it’s very strange oh the bubbles in her brain.
Track Name: Titties
Well don’t I miss those summer days, when we were young and we were amoung our friends who said they’d never change and the thought of the future felt so strang. Oh won’t you come play with me. Well I remember seeing a world map for the first time there was a place called Chili and a place called Turkey and whenever I ate those foods from then on I’d laugh and say these words are so silly. Oh won’t you come spell with me. Well where are my hunny buns, they don’t exist I’m a lonely fuck, awkward with my erection and abstinence is my birth prevention. Oh won’t you show some pitty. Show some titties. Well where are my muscles and where are my balls, I do not have money and I’m probably going bauld. The people on the T.V. are either crazy or sexy, I’m neither, I’m a creature, reality is lousy. Well I’ve heard of places where faces get facelifts where faces become common and a little less makeshift. Well it’s common to be sad so lets get unique and happy. We won’t buy anything but second hand guitars don’t you see. And we won’t stop playing when they say, “you’re yelling too loudly”. We’ll just keep playing jacobs annoying those on the VLTs. Well join me when I say that I’m doing my best, I get what I get and I’ll butt fuck the rest.
Track Name: Hit It
You’re talking about your status quo, I’m talking about how I like to lie low, and I wouldn’t say that me you beat, it was less of a fight more a disagreement. He said, “son I’ve been around since ’52 so I ought to know everything better than you, oh hit it. He’s talking about back in his day and how he’d never be able to live this way. That we’re all drunk and high, we’re strung out junkies, we’re trying to get lucky. He said, “the way that you live is a mystery to me”, I said, “sir, didn’t you grow up in the 60’s?”. Where’d you go? We miss you so. Oh no we don’t. The walls of my room are falling in, no wonder you’re so angry your blood pressures busting. Your house and office are so clean so pristine. I play your game but you have no idea who I am. I’m a boy not a man, come take my hand man.
Track Name: Montreal
I’m feeling tired. Might just go to Montreal. Getting tired of this same old shit. Can’t go to the same old school. Can’t cross that same old bridge. Bonjour, Au revoir, oh god.
Track Name: The Worlds Not Over Yet
I’m learning to swim cause the ocean’s flooding and I know that it’s only 2011, but 2012 is coming around and I’d much rather swim than I’d rather drown. And I’m being told that the ice is not worth, the ever growing economic thirst of that land of the free, hurricanes are restraining me, the next generation won’t know less than category three. And a red smog is coming from the east and the west, oh we love our mother but production is best. And our honourable leader claims we are free, but he is just stoked that fresh water is free. And the weather man’s saying from his range rover, oh the world, oh the world, oh the worlds not over yet. I heard they want to cut emissions by a percentage rate, I heard about cold birds falling from the sky yesterday, I heard a tsunami is coming from the north and the south, the only advice Suzuki’s got left is breath through your mouth. Now it seems like everything we’re doing is killing the earth and it really makes me feel bad for what that’s worth. Yeah I’m feeling guilty about eating that tomato from California should have stuck with PEI potatoes. Now a deficit is growing between what I say and what I do, yeah I drive a car and like electricity too. But I’m holding back, I’m sitting in the dark. I’ve got no intention of building an ark.