The Linden

from by The Odd Socks

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I've got a house that the sun don't stain, the paint don't peal, and the basement drains. I've got a house made of concrete reinforced with steel so the walls don't creek. It's a good young house made nice and strong the world might end but it won't fall. But this house ain't my home ‘cause it's got no soul. I've got a street without a crack, without a bump, without a scratch. Sidewalks are wide and the grass is mowed the trees are small but they will grow. On my street we don’t j-walk ‘cause we're afraid of getting caught. But this street ain't my home ‘cause it's got no soul. Well my beard is old and my face is young I should shave it off that's what I'm told. I do not look professional but that depends on your perception of. I waste my time with hooligans: stupid people doing stupid things. But I won’t find no soul, until I find a home. This house ain't my home cause it's got no soul I was not made in Taiwan but everything that I’ve got on was. And these shoes were made to walk so when I dance they fall apart. I did not buy pre-worn jeans every hole has a memory and my youthfulness is blind but I see shit all the time. How can my actions be justified if all I did was sit around and lie? Well this street ain’t my home cause it’s got no soul I’ve never been in a Camaro and neither has anyone else that I know so take me to where the roads are bumpy hug the center line cause the sides are eroding, drop me off on the side of the road and let my soul go. These elders look at me as if I have killed a man they don’t think that I belong here and I cant disagree with them. "if your grandfather saw you today he'd roll over in his grave." I think he’d be more upset that you think you know how he would behave. There is not fate involved with this, this is not how it’s meant to be, Some day ill move away from this dammed place, a little bit of strength in my knees.


from Weekday Blues, released June 28, 2013



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The Odd Socks Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

A folk-punk band from Dartmouth, NS. consisting of Jeff DeCoste (lead vocals, guitar), Ian Rogers (back up vocals, guitar), Nick O'Leary (Bass), and Dylan Jewers (Drums)


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